Heart in the Tummy


Heart in the Tummy

“I know Haritha right from when her first one was barely a month old…say almost for the past four years I know her, she is a fearless woman who opted for vaginal birth after c section for her second one.i know the passion she has for breastfeeding and helping moms take an informed decision.There is a saying “practice what you preach “true to these words stands tall this woman named Haritha.”

Anupama Vijay Anand

“She is a very good LC. I just consulted her once and followed all her advice and guidance. Now my lo is latching well. All credit goes to Haritha I must say.”

Meenakshi Kannan

“I feel grateful. She is doing her job with dedication. As i was suffering with latching issue, I met her n she corrected me which made a drastic change. Thank you u so much Haritha mam.”

Hema Latha

“Feeling grateful!
It’s an effective 2 hour session with Haritha about my issues on bf. I badly needed one to handle my twin babies. Have taken home a lot of quality advice. And trying to incorporate all. She’s so soft spoken and her details towards importance of bf is motivating. Thanks for all the effective information and motivation.”

Gitanjali G Dhinesh

“I was so fortunate to know Haritha. It was my second C section and had several issues in breastfeeding. My hospital LC didn’t help me much. I consulted Haritha online and she supported me by sending videos on how to get good latch and taught me massage techniques to get relieved from my engorgement. I fed the precious colostrum to my baby and I’m exclusively breastfeeding my son from day 2 of his life. My gratitude to Haritha for helping me out even in the quiet hours. If not for her I wouldn’t be feeding my son. Haritha is full of optimism which drives your stress away. My life just got easy feeding my newborn hassle free as I already have a toddler around. I wish Haritha’s Thalir to be a part in bringing up so many young and healthy Thalirs to this world!”

Deepika Shankar Narayan


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