Haritha.P, B.Arch., LCCE, IYCF

Hello everyone. I’m Haritha, a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Active Mamma Prenatal Workout Trainee and a Lactation counselor. Most importantly, I’m a mother of 2 kids and my journey with them lead to the discovery of a new me, zestfully guiding fellow moms and moms to be through childbirth classes and lactation counseling at THALIR.

I know, many of you might wonder why I switched fields. Most of my friends know that I am an architect by profession. Then what made me switch my profession, you must wonder.

To begin with, the lack of knowledge and proper guidance with my first child ended in me having a caesarean, with lots of breastfeeding issues. The trauma I underwent eventually led me to research and learn about the whole cycle (pregnancy, birth, postpartum), and the knowledge gained, helped me in having a healthy second pregnancy – an empowering VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) in Birth Village, Kochi and subsequently had a great start to breastfeeding as well. My second birth experience helped me to put everything in perspective and that’s when I got motivated to guide other women in their most beautiful journey of motherhood.

During this journey, I had an amazing opportunity to learn from two best midwives of India – Priyanka Idicula and Vijaya Krishnan. For me, Thalir symbolizes my journey and what I can do to empower other women to have an informed birth.