Terrific three

Toddlers! They do come up with a package of humor and their wittiness is unmatchable at times. Here I am compiling few cute incidents where my little one outsmarted me with his wit and innocence. Here we go!

#Nilavan #threenager
My son and his friend were playing. From my son’s restless movements from hall to room, I understood he wanted to poop and he is controlling because his friend was there and he was kinda shy to tell that in front of her😁 So I called her and told to go to room and play and took him to restroom and asked him to poop. He had a happy face instantly asking, how did I know that he wanted to poop?
I told, I love him so much and I can understand what he wants just by seeing him. After that I went into the kitchen and started washing vessels when he was inside the bathroom. He called out saying, Amma! I know what you are doing? You are working in the kitchen! See, I can understand what you are doing by not even seeing you, because I love you so so much!
Hahah! Kids make your day shine in unexpected ways❤️

I was looking into my phone and walked towards the kitchen.. My toddler shouted “Mom! Keep your eyes straight and walk.. all my toys are around, you will step and fall”. I was so amazed seeing how caring my son is and grinned at him asking “oh dear! You love mom so much?”. He said, ” yes,sometimes and I love my toys too.. what if you fall and damage those ?
Me: facepalm!

“Thud”. I fell down stepping on my son’s BMW tiny car…My LO who was behind me saw this.. while I was trying to compose myself..I hear him saying, “Hey mom! No worries.. nothing.. nothing happened..(onnum illa..)get up..you are ok..show me your legs ”
I know I could be listed on top 10 weIrdo parent.. but today this was a parenting win moment for me.. I felt so proud of my little guy..Kids teach us one thing.. they learn what they see and hear!